Landscape Documents and Drawings By Carol Allison

Sketch by C.Allison Albuquerque & Manzano Mtns
"View of Albuquerque & Manzano Mountains"
document drawing pen and ink by Carol Allison
The drawing above was done on location for an oil painting which was painted in the studio. Combined with a watercolor sketch (a colornote)a well drawn and prepared document drawing refreshes the visual memory of the artist back to the actual landscape.With the addition of a few written notes the artist can reinterpret the subject in oil to a higher degree of completion.

Corrales Orchard
"Corrales Orchard" document drawing, black & blue gray pencil by Carol Allison,
This drawing was also made for an oil painting which was painted in the studio. Some color notation was applied to the document drawing. Blue gray pencil was used on the distant mountains. Written notes list the order of tones in the light from paler to darker as well as their relationship to the tones in the distance.

Drawing of Young Girl By Carol Allison
Drawing of Young Girl, black pencil, By Carol Allison The lines of this portrait were drawn from life. Since she left before I was done, some shading was added from memory.

Standing Nude

Standing Nude, drawing in pencil by Carol Allison This drawing was done from life along with a colornote for an oil painting.

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